74 Austin Trivia Questions (Ranked from Easiest to Hardest) (2023)

Austin, the capital of Texas, is known for its vibrant music scene, thriving tech industry, and iconic landmarks such as the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas at Austin. The city is also a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with access to natural attractions such as the Colorado River and the Texas Hill Country.

Austin was founded in 1835 by a group of settlers led by Stephen F. Austin and was named after him. The city quickly developed into a major center of trade, with the growth of the cotton and livestock industries. Austin has also grown rapidly in recent years, becoming a major center for technology, healthcare, and education. The city is also a hub for creative and innovative individuals and businesses, earning the nickname "Silicon Hills."

Austin is also known for its diverse population, with a large number of immigrants from Mexico and Central America, as well as African American and Native American communities. This diversity is reflected in the city's food, music, and art, making it a vibrant and exciting place to visit or live. The city's annual festivals, such as South by Southwest, Austin City Limits and Texas Book Festival, are also major draws, attracting visitors from all over the world.

74 Austin Trivia Questions Ranked From Easiest to Hardest (Updated for 2023)

  1. Way more dormant than "9-1-1: Lone Star" would have you believe, Pilot Knob is an actual volcano near Bergstrom International Airport in what Texas city?

    Answer: Austin

  2. Hippie Hollow Park is a park and beach in northwest Austin which is the only public beach in the state of Texas permitting what specific activity?

    Answer: Clothing optional (nude beach)

  3. Named for a landmark in San Antonio, what theater chain that famously doesn't allow talking or texting during movies was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas?

    Answer: Alamo Drafthouse

  4. The Domain residential complex in Austin, TX, is home to a museum for what popular dessert item, inside of a pink building?

    Answer: Ice Cream

  5. What is the largest city by population in Texas which does NOT have either a NFL, NBA, or MLB team call it home?

    Answer: Austin

  6. The Austin-based bourbon distiller Nine Banded Whiskey is named for what nine-banded little armored critters that appear on their logos?

    Answer: Armadillos

  7. Lebowski's Grill slings fast food inside an Austin establishment dedicated to what non-culinary activity?

    Answer: Bowling

  8. How many stars appear on the center of each doorknob at the Texas State Capitol?

    Answer: One

  9. On April 20, 2012 Austin, Texas dedicated a statue to what red-headed country singer and author of "Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die"?

    Answer: Willie Nelson

  10. Weather conditions were so hot and dry at the 2005 Austin City Limits festival, getting as high as 107 degrees Farenheit, that the event was nicknamed the “ACL ______.” Fill in the two word blank, also the name given to the drought stricken prairies of the 1930s.

    Answer: ACL Dust Bowl

  11. A manmade swimming pool in Austin, TX, the oldest pool in the state of Texas with a bathhouse built by the Works Progress Administration, is the Deep ______ Municipal Pool. Fill in the one word blank, also a term for a circular movement of water, counter to a main current, that makes a whirlpool.

    Answer: Deep Eddy Municipal Pool

  12. What “P” Therapeutics company, founded out Austin, TX in 1995, offers targeted radiotherapeutics for adults and children with rare cancers, and has a name that suggests addition.

    Answer: Plus Therapeutics

  13. Not sponsored by 3M, Posty Fest is an Arlington, Texas music festival put on by what local rapper?

    Answer: Post Malone

  14. The flood of July 1869 caused flooding in several towns south of Austin after which river, the longest in Texas, accumulated water to a whopping 55 feet high?

    Answer: Colorado River

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  15. Adriene Mishler is an Austin-based entrepreneur whose YouTube videos under the account "______ With Adriene" feature her home practice of what athletic activity? As of September 2020, her account has over 8 million followers.

    Answer: Yoga

  16. What is the name of the Austin-based software business founded by brothers David and Donald Yonce considered to be in the middle of the December 2020 Federal government hack?

    Answer: SolarWinds

  17. ______ Falls is a state park in Austin, Texas, at the confluence of Onion Creek and Williamson Creek. Fill in the “M” surname blank, also the last name of Mark from the sketch comedy group “The Kids In The Hall”, who also appeared as Glenn on “Superstore.”

    Answer: McKinney

  18. What band, which shares its name with a utensil, hails from Austin, TX, and had an album in 2007 entitled "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga?" The lead singer of the band, Britt Daniels, performed Elvis Costello's song, "Veronica," on an episode of "Veronica Mars."

    Answer: Spoon

  19. Kickstarted by IBM in 1967, the tech industry in Austin is large enough to occasionally use the nickname Silicon _____ as an homage to the local topography and Silicon Valley on the West Coast.

    Answer: Silicon Hills

  20. Clyde Stubblefield and Aaron Franklin are Barbecue Hall of Fame inductees whose meats rep the pit scene of what Texas city?

    Answer: Austin

  21. What upscale retailer was founded in Austin in 1978 by John Mackey and Renee Lawson? The small store was initially called SaferWay, as a spoof of Safeway.

    Answer: Whole Foods Market

  22. If you have tickets to the Broken Spoke, Threadgill's, or Cactus Cafe, you're certainly in "the Live Music Capital of the World," which is what American city?

    Answer: Austin

  23. Need the full name: Oddly held right in the center of city, a ginormous Austin music fest scooped its name from what PBS music show?

    Answer: Austin City Limits

  24. Although it closed in 2015, what actor who has starred in films including “The Proposal”, “Two Weeks Notice”, and “The Blind Side” opened her own restaurant called Bess Bistro in Austin, Texas in 2006?

    Answer: Sandra Bullock

  25. What famous TV journalist, who anchored CBS Evening News from 1962 to 1981 and was known as "the most trusted man in America," attended his freshman year at University of Texas - Austin, before dropping out of school altogether?

    Answer: Walter Cronkite

  26. Stephen F. Austin, the namesake of Texas's capital city, lost the 1836 Texas presidential election to what other famed Texan? Austin was later appointed secretary of state for the new republic.

    Answer: Sam Houston

  27. BFF mode helps you swarm together with new platonic besties on what Whitney Wolfe Herd-founded, Austin-based relationship app?

    Answer: Bumble

  28. What Austin-area structure is home to more than one and a half million bats, the largest urban bat colony in the U.S.?

    Answer: The Congress Avenue Bridge

  29. A wildflower center at the University Of Texas at Austin is named after what former first lady of the United States, the wife of the president who succeeded John F. Kennedy following his assassination?

    Answer: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

  30. Founded in New York City by Frank Reig and Paul Suhey, what is the name of the moped-sharing startup that by 2020 expanded to Washington and Austin and purchases its mopeds from Chinese manufacturer NIU?

    Answer: Revel

  31. If a group of Austrians had flights through airports with the codes AUS-TRI-ANS, they would end in Andahuaylas, Peru. The first and second flights would both take off from what country?

    Answer: United States (AUS is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas, TRI is the Tri-Cities Airport in Blountville, Tennessee)

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  32. In what decade did the annual mishmash of film, media, and music known as South by Southwest or SXSW first begin in Austin? The festival has remained in the Texas capital since it launched there.

    Answer: 1980s

  33. Which president has the largest presidential library as measured by square footage? It's located in Austin, TX

    Answer: Lyndon

  34. Austin is the capital of Texas. Which other capital of a U.S. state is closest in distance to Austin? We're using "as the crow flies" or haversine distance, rather than driving distance. And we're looking for the city, not the state.

    Answer: Oklahoma City

  35. Austin is the second-most-populous state capital in the United States. What city is the most populous state capital? Note, we're looking for the city, not the state.

    Answer: Phoenix

  36. A demonym is a word that identifies a group of people in relation to a particular place, such as Chicagoan or Michigander. What is the official demonym for someone from Austin?

    Answer: Austinite

  37. Zilker Park in Austin is to an outdoor swimming pool, with water from nearby springs, called ______ Springs Pool. Fill in the “B” blank, also the last name of Hawkeye from the MCU, first name Clint.

    Answer: Barton

  38. Austin is home to the largest of what collective group of universities with an orange color scheme? Notable alumni include Owen Wilson and Michael Dell.

    Answer: University Of Texas

  39. Donning a verde suit, what local celebrity and Austin FC Minister of Culture drummed for the crowd during the team's inaugural 2021 home game?

    Answer: Matthew McConaughey

  40. A 3,000 mile race track and facility in Austin that has hosted the U.S. Grand Prix is the “Circuit Of The ______.” Fill in the one word blank, which implies that residents of Austin, as well as residents of Panama City and Sao Paolo can also use it.

    Answer: Circuit Of The Americas

  41. What Lake on the Colorado River in Austin, TX, is a river-like reservoir? It shares its name with the two word nickname of President Johnson’s first lady, who serve from 1963 to 1969.

    Answer: Lady Bird Lake

  42. What “B” Texas State History Museum, established in 2001 in Austin, TX, is dedicated to the telling the story of Texas through educational experiences? Its name is the same as the last name of the actress who starred in “Ocean’s 8” as Danny Ocean’s sister.

    Answer: Bullock Texas State History Museum

  43. The Color Bar Experience is an in-store offering of what jeweler whose namesake founder started it out of her Austin home in 2002?

    Answer: Kendra Scott

  44. What “B” art museum on the campus of the University Of Texas at Austin offers classes an auditorium in addition to a variety of exhibits and galleries?

    Answer: Blanton Museum Of Art

  45. An archive and museum at the University of Texas, Austin that attempts to aid the study of arts and humanities is the Harry ______ Center. Fill in the one word blank, also a term for the payoff to end a kidnapping.

    Answer: Harry Ransom Center

  46. A historic nature preserve and park in west Austin off of 35th St, overlooking Lake Austin, is ______field Park. Fill in the one word blank, also the name of a spring month.

    Answer: Mayfield Park

  47. 35th St in Austin is home to the original site of the Austin Museum Of Art that still houses art collections, known as The Contemporary Austin - Laguna ______. Fill in the one word blank, the name of a song originally recorded in 1964 by Them and later covered by Patti Smith.

    Answer: The Contemporary Austin - Laguna Gloria

  48. A whimsical, multilevel shelter/art work made of tons of used furniture and home goods, on Lareina Dr in Austin, is the Cathedral of ______. Fill in the one word blank, a “J” term for old useless items often discarded, or a Chinese sailing ship with battened sails.

    Answer: Cathedral Of Junk

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  49. What professional tennis player became the first Austinite to win a Grand Slam singles title following his 2013 US Open victory against Juan Carlos Ferrero?

    Answer: Andy Roddick

  50. Co-created by Bill Arhos and Bruce Scafe, complete the title of present-day PBS series airing since 1979 which helped Austin become the “Live Music Capital Of The World” and is currently the only television series to receive the National Medal of Arts congressional honor in 2003: “Austin CIty ____”.

    Answer: Limits

  51. A vibrant, trendy neighborhood in Austin that is home to the Continental Club and views of the Texas State Capitol is South ______ Avenue. Fill in the one word blank, also the name of the most important legislative body in the US.

    Answer: South Congress Avenue

  52. What museum on 6th Street in Austin, TX, featuring Bigfoot exhibits and shrunken heads, appropriately advertises itself as a museum for things that are what adjective, often something supernatural or uncanny?

    Answer: Museum Of The Weird

  53. Lamar Blvd in Austin, TX, is home to a dance hall, home to live music and chicken fried steak, known as the Broken ______. Fill in the blank, also the name of a bar that connects the center of a wheel to the rim.

    Answer: Broken Spoke

  54. Which Texas city, now the largest in the state, was originally the capital of The Republic of Texas, before Austin became the capital in 1839?

    Answer: Houston

  55. With words scrawled in red on a yellow background on the side of Jo's Coffee, the "I Love You So Much" mural is a popular Instagram photo spot in what Texas city?

    Answer: Austin

  56. What Texas musician, known for such hits as "The Sky is Crying" and "Tightrope," was immortalized in a statue in located at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, after his death in a helicopter crash in 1990?

    Answer: Stevie Ray Vaughan

  57. What lake in Austin shares it's name with a Texas county, as well as a Texas Revolutionary War hero?

    Answer: Lake Travis

  58. A remote park along the James River in Richmond, VA, with isolated beaches for sunbathing, is ______ Beach. Fill in the one word “T” blank, also the name of a US state with capital at Austin.

    Answer: Texas Beach

  59. A Mexican restaurant on Comanche Trail in Austin, TX is The Oasis On Lake ______. Fill in the one word “T” blank, also the first name of Blink-182 drummer Barker and country music performer Tritt.

    Answer: The Oasis On Lake Travis

  60. A wildflower center southwest of Austin, which protects over 900 species of plants native to Texas, is named for what woman? As First Lady, she helped bring wildflowers to the nation's highways by advocating for the Highway Beautification Act.

    Answer: Lady Bird Johnson

  61. Which “pfun” city in Travis County is a suburb of Austin and home to Typhoon Texas and Northeast Metro Skate/BMX Park?

    Answer: Pflugerville

  62. What “U” sculpture garden in Austin focuses on its namesake sculptor with first name Charles, in a setting adjacent to Zilker Park?

    Answer: Umlauf sculpture garden

  63. The "Servant Girl Annihilator" is the gory nickname given by writer O. Henry to the unknown Austin serial killer who murdered eight people from 1884-1885 with what common arboreal tool? Oof, sorry for the dark question.

    Answer: Axe

  64. What “B” Texas State History Museum, established in 2001 in Austin, TX, is dedicated to the telling the story of Texas through educational experiences? Its name is the same as the last name of the actress who starred in “Ocean’s 8” as Danny Ocean’s sister.

    Answer: Bullock Texas State History Museum

  65. A park in Austin on City Park Rd, on the shores of Lake Austin, is ______ Long Metropolitan Park. Fill in the one word first name blank, also the name of an 1815 Jane Austen family about romantic misunderstandings involving the Woodhouse family.

    Answer: Emma Long Metropolitan Park

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  66. A Pool and Preserve in Austin, TX shares its name with what popular historical musical about the first Secretary of The Treasury in US History?

    Answer: Hamilton Pool Preserve

  67. The fake eruption of the real-life dormant volcano Pilot Knob blasted off the second season of what Austin-set Rob Lowe TV EMS drama?

    Answer: 9-1-1: Lone Star

  68. What real estate franchise with two names, founded in Austin, TX by one of its namesakes in 1983, claims to be the world’s largest in terms of agents employed and sales? You can find them by looking up the letters “KW.”

    Answer: Keller Williams

  69. What historic district, located near Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, TX, has a series of historic bungalow homes? It happens to share its name with the last name of the blues singer from a 2020 August Wilson adaptation, who has a titular “Black Bottom.”

    Answer: Rainey Street Historic District

  70. Created in 2009 and based in Austin, Texas, what “A” software company helps optimize workplace productivity in the remote space by streamlining workflow and limiting distractions, keeping employees energetic?

    Answer: ActivTrak

  71. What saloon franchise has a location on 6th Street in Austin, and a movie made about it, starring Piper Perabo? (The film, however, is set at the NYC location.)

    Answer: Coyote Ugly

  72. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon was supplied with boxes thanks to the work of what A.I.-integrated, Jason Traff-founded Austin logistics startup with a very on-the-nose name?

    Answer: Shipwell

  73. Australian hard rock band AC/DC's first show in the US was in what legendary Austin venue?

    Answer: Armadillo World Headquarters

  74. What “D” chocolatier, owned by Nicole Patel and operating out Austin, TX, tries to use local Texas ingredients in its chocolate, and has an advent calendar? It’s name is a derivation of a word meaning tasty.

    Answer: Delysia

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